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Why do bad things happen to good people?
It's an age old question that deserves an answer, and the answer may surprise you.
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Jon's book "Affliction" is a courageous look into what the scriptures really do say about God's involvement in our sufferings. Jon articulates what my journey of suffering has experienced and confirms that behind it all there is a loving ... and omnipotent ... Father, and nothing misses His attentive eye.
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Nick Stevens
Jon's book, "Affliction" is absolutely AMAZING! He gives a very unique and extremely accurate
perspective on how we should view the challenges we face in our lives and utilizes scripture to back it
up. I now have the insight to rejoice in my afflictions instead of only tolerating them. I know that God
is in complete control of my destiny.
Laura Abuzawida
God taught me through faith and fitness how to overcome and to excel through life’s battles.  The most amazing part about this is, YOU can too!  
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When you allow God to come into your life and make changes to the inside; your body will follow!

Just finished your book, very inspirational and informative.  
Charles, CO
This book provides the reader with a path that most people don't consider when approaching health and weight loss. Most people look for the quick fix or take the wrong approaches...which lead to a bad outcome, and perceived failure. By inviting Jesus into the journey, the path can become one of success. The author has shown that you can overcome physical and mental obstacles by using the strength God has provided for us and lead a healthy and productive life! Great tools and explanation of principles to follow in your journey to a healthier you!
Beth, WY
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Available in all ebook formats click here.

This crippling spirit has been hurting and dividing the body of Christ for too long, and the book is intended to provided some insight to bring real freedom and true identity.  

Jon, the book is awesome! It has already been a huge blessing to me! Thanks so much for writing it and sharing what God has laid on your heart!  Seth, CO 

Oh, Jon, it is amazing how accurate this is! I can't seem to get anything else done because, rather than simply reading it, I am digesting it. It feels as if God had you write this just for me. I read a few paragraphs and something stops me so I don't just read it like I would a novel. I seem to need time to get a handle on more than the words. Every time I think I get something, I will read the next section and it is as if I had read the last one incorrectly and have to go back over it. I have started the book at the beginning (which is the introduction, not page 1) several time just to be sure I have not missed something, or found I did and needed to clarify it!  Thanks to you, my house is dirty and my laundry is sitting, but my soul is refreshed.  Mary, NE

 I really enjoyed it...and it's a very fast read with a great message. Causes reflection in our priorities without guilt for being human. Beth, WY

I was blessed by your book. Thanks for a very insightful, thoughtful & enlightening look into the Orphan Spirit.   Kurt, CO

Great read!  Charles, CO